When I went to university I wanted a degree that could give me security. You know, a safe income to pay the rent, to feed myself and the cats and to be able to support my family whenever it would be necessary. Sadly, my helper’s syndrome interfered with my career choices and I ended up as a Medical Speech Language Pathologist. 

Now, I could rant here all day about underpaid jobs in healthcare, Germany’s insane taxes and its megalomaniac and expensive social insurance system – but I won’t. Let’s just say, my job gave me a lot of headaches, but no real security at all. After taxes and paying the regular bills every month I barely had any money left. I’m quite good at frugal living, always have been, but with no savings whatsoever? I always feared that my cats got sick or my car broke down. That wasn’t exactly the life I had hoped for. 

There are things in life you just can’t change – but luckily, you can always walk away and chose a different path. I had been working online before, earning a few bucks on the side with blogging, affilate marketing and publishing on Kindle. I found people who paid me for writing, graphic design and help with their WordPress sites – more than the clinic I worked at paid me for the job I went to university for. And after a while, quitting the 9 to 5 job that made me more and more sick every day felt okay. Because it never gave me security in the first place. Just frustration and a feeling of being trapped.

I’ve been self-employed for more than a year now, finally earning enough money to save a part of my monthly income. But I got tons and tons to learn when it comes to achieving real financial independence. This blog is supposed to be my notebook where I jot down all the things that work for me (and the ones that don’t). Sadly, I’m no expert and I can’t point out my grandiosity here, because, well, I myself am still trying to get the hang of everything. Of course, you may still feel free to follow me! (I’m error-prone, so I’m pretty sure there’ll be lots to laugh about. Ahem.)


I am…

Laura. Not taking life too seriously since 1990. From Germany. Former Medical SLP turned Freelance Writer / Graphic Designer / Web Designer / Social Media Manager / Whatever. Author of strange stories. Portrait painter. Always learning. Doing far too much stuff. Politically incorrect. INFP Personality Type. Proud Cat Mom. Self-growth enthusiast. Dork.

I like…

Family, friends & fur babies. Horror. Politics, kind of. Science. Lindemann. Gardening. Animals. Sons of Anarchy. Borderlands 2. Werewolves. Mark Hamill voicing The Joker. Dark humor. The smell of rain.

I dislike…

Commies. Dolls. Beetroot.

Walk the walk and speak what you mean to say / Face the facts / Keep walking day by day / Let the past die with the troubles of the morn / Say farewell to fields of thorns.