Well, hello there! 

Here we are again – me starting another blog, you accidentally stumbling over my words, still asking yourself whether or not you should click that nice little x-button of your browser. Totally feel you!

I should probably advertise my grandiosity now, but, well, I won’t. This is my personal blog covering all that stuff that keeps me going from day to day to day to… You get it. So, it’s pretty much about work. I work a lot. To be exact, my topics are medical speech language pathology, adventures in German health care, earning money through various side hustles, and surviving everyday life as an introvert. And all of that with a giant lack of sobriety. Because in the end, living is just fucking hysterical. 

If that kind of resonates with you: Awesome! Please feel free to browse around a little. Drop me a line if you like!
And if not… There’s still icanhas.cheezburger and autocorrectfail, right?

I am…

Laura. Not taking life too seriously since 1990. Medical Speech Language Pathologist + Freelance Writer, Graphic + Web Designer & Social Media Manager. Portrait painter. Author of strange stories. Doing too much stuff, obviously. INFP Personality Type. Proud Cat Mom. Self-growth enthusiast. Dork. 

I like…

Family, friends & fur babies. Horror. Politics, kind of. Science. Lindemann. Gardening. Open World Games. Robert Downey Jr. Orcas. Rebounding. Pen Paling. Minimalism. Autonomy. Sons of Anarchy. Hitchcock’s Psycho, Mark Hamill voicing The Joker. 

I dislike…

Self-righteous narcissists. (Aka, most people. Just kidding.)

I wanna slay my demons
But I got lots of them, I got lots of them